Visit to a Delhi Furniture Factory


While visiting Mumbai last week to oversee progress on two different projects, Thomas and Erin took a side trip to a furniture factory in Delhi that is creating a number of custom furniture pieces for the Mumbai projects.  The chair and bench were designed specifically for the restaurant in Mumbai.  Thomas was also treated to an overview of the entire process and observed a number of different techniques, such as workers hand caning furniture or carving abalone shells for an intricate design.  He also oversaw the choice of heavy wood timbers that would be used in tables for the restaurant.

A chair custom-made for one of our restaurantsReverse of custom chairA bench version of the custom chair designCustom ottoman before being upholstered in leatherThomas discusses business with Delhi factory personnelIntricate inlay on a doorA credenza in progressPart of the factoryThomas choosing raw wood for restaurant tablesAn abalone shell, to be cut for ornamentation

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