New Paintings from Thomas - The Food Series


Thomas completed this series of large paintings this week (6 feet x 10 feet!) continuing a series he has been doing lately using food as the subject matter. This particular collection will be going into a seafood restaurant called Herringbone we designed in La Jolla, CA. But they're also in a style very similar to some canvases Thomas did for Searsucker restaurant in San Diego, with the whimsical treatment of, in that case, beef and utensils.

We're sure you will notice a big stylistic difference between these paintings and the other paintings we've shown recently, such as the large paintings based on tribal African images that are being exhibited in China (see last post).  Thomas says he enjoys going back and forth between these contrasting painting styles, as it allows him to express different sides of his personality, one fun and whimsical and the other more subtle and mysterious.

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