Sculpture by Nature - Shells and Corals


One of Thomas' favorite accessories in both residential and commercial spaces is to use the natural forms and textures of treasures from the sea. Large shells or corals can be used as containers for plants or other items, or just take focus as natural pieces of art. These photos show a few of our favorite artifacts of the sea and some ways we have used them.

A large shell can become a planter, combining color, texture and shapes.In one of our residential projects, we created a similar scene with a large shell in combination with natural wood and a richly colorful painting.These photos show some of the large natural corals we feature in our showroom.Another beautiful coralThis coral forms an almost perfect bowl.Thomas used large corals prominently in Morimoto Waikiki. As you can see, they were featured inside museum-type cases, in the wallpaper, and as hanging fixtures.Here is one of the Morimoto Waikiki corals as seen from below, hanging inside a lucite box. The light above makes them almost translucent.Thomas used this large, dramatic coral as a piece of sculpture in a residential project.

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