Herringbone in Coffeetable Book on Interior Design


Herringbone has been featured in a large coffeetable book from the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute along with hundreds of eye-popping interior and architectural designs from around the world.  We feel honored that our six pages were included with such a collection of dramatic projects.  The theme of the book seems to be non-linear design concepts that drape or flow, so, our draped ropes and lightbulbs in Herringbone fit nicely.  On the other hand, most of the work in the book is modern with prominent metal and plastic, so our antique, natural textures also stand out.


The book is available from their website at www.hustpas.com, however, the website is all in Chinese so non-speakers may have trouble finding it.  If you want a copy, contact Matthew@schoos.com and I will arrange it.


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