Schoos Design is a world leader in designing interiors, exteriors and products for the hospitality industry.  Our hotels and restaurants have won numerous awards and received critical praise, leading to demonstrable business successes for clients both in the U.S. and internationally. 

Led by the vibrant artistic vision and infectious energy of Thomas Schoos, the firm has an unparalleled track record creating some of the most talked-about hospitality venues worldwide, from Tao Las Vegas to the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica to multiple restaurants for celebrity chefs like Iron Chef Morimoto and Top Chef Brian Malarkey. 

The firm is also a leader in creating elegant and dramatic private residences for a list of clients that includes Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachay, Ellen DeGeneres and Courtney Cox as well as important figures from the international business world. 

In addition, our artistic vision extends to our brand of unique lifestyle products and collectibles available through this website or through one of our Schoos retail locations.


Our goal is always to create an individual and unique design that fits the particular needs of a property and its owner while also bringing an artistic vision to light.  At Schoos, we never begin with a rigid style or idea.  Instead, we listen to the space, get to know the client, and carefully consider the role of design in creating a beautiful and functional environment.  We see our role as all-encompassing, affecting every aspect of life within a property, from furniture to art to fragrances to music.  Every detail of a design plays an important part in the story, leading the guests to experience the environment and interact with others in an optimal way. 

The same dedication to craft, quality and originality that we bring to our commercial and residential spaces is key to the design of our lifestyle products.  Whether an original creation or an artifact from our world culture collection, we see our products and spaces as works of art that must meet the highest standards of quality and creativity to become part of the Schoos brand.

But to accomplish great art, it is also necessary to have a top-notch organization with the means and experience to bring a grand vision into reality.  The following describes how the team at Schoos is organized to accomplish the many projects that we undertake:


The Schoos Group

The Schoos Group is the umbrella organization that contains the various divisions that comprise the Schoos companies.

The primary company and the one that provides the creative leadership for all the others is Schoos Design, the original firm founded by Thomas Schoos and Michael Berman in 1995. Since that time, Schoos Group has expanded the scope of its mission into areas beyond interior and landscape design, partnering with clients in new restaurant ventures and other businesses. 

In 2010, Schoos and Berman brought in Klaus Siegmann as a principal and co-owner of Schoos Design where he spearheads new business development, branding and public relations. At that time, the three partners decided to reorganize and expand the company's mission, forming the Schoos Group to encompass all facets of the growing organization.  Schoos Group also refreshed its marketing and publicity efforts to expand its media presence and broaden its consumer base. The past several years have seen Schoos become more international in scope, with clients in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S.  

In addition, Schoos creates original brands that are co-owned by Schoos Group including Beach Nation, a cafe in West Hollywood, a new hotel/condominium project in Panama and a hotel in San Diego, along with other partnerships still in development.  Meanwhile, Schoos has taken its creative experience into the consumer products market, selling original lifestyle products, household accessories and artwork to the public through its own retail stores and the online store. 

The four divisions of Schoos Group include:

  • Schoos Design, the creative center of the organization, which is responsible for the conceptualization, refinement and implementation of all of our projects, from interior and exterior spaces to artwork and consumer products;
  • Schoos Products, which manages the manufacture of Schoos designed products and collects art and art objects to be sold through Schoos Stores
  • Schoos Stores, which markets and sells products to the consumer, whether through the Schoos Online ecommerce site, in one of our Schoos Night retail stores or a Schoos Gift Shop;
  • Schoos New Ventures, an entity that develops media projects and other opportunities for placing Schoos concepts and joint ventures before the public.

Please see the following sections to learn more about each of these entities.


Schoos Night Store (l) and Schoos Design Studios (r)