The Schoos brand is associated not only with artistically designed spaces but with pieces of art themselves.  Schoos Products is the entity that oversees production, acquisition and distribution of all our art and products, whether Schoos originals or hand-selected pieces from other artists and designers.   

The company’s founder, Thomas Schoos, began as an artist and sculptor and his distinctive large-format paintings continue to be sought-after and prized by collectors.  These original works of art are often commissioned by clients for use in Schoos-designed interiors. Please see the Art Section of this website for more information and to see photos of artwork by Thomas Schoos.


In addition to these original paintings and sculpture, Schoos Products also designs and produces a variety of artistic and decorative products for use in our interior design projects or for sale to the public.  Schoos products may be purchased at one of our Schoos Night retail stores (such as the one in West Hollywood, California, shown above) or from our online store.  (Please visit the Shop section of this website to purchase Schoos products online.) 

Art and products sold by Schoos fall into one of the following categories:


The Thomas Schoos Signature Line

Any original product or artwork created by Thomas Schoos is part of the Thomas Schoos Signature line.  For instance, in addition to original paintings and sculptures, Schoos offers  “one-of-a-kind” items like dramatic furniture pieces, custom tables and consoles, chandeliers, table lamps, distinctive planter boxes, and other accessories for the home such as trays, mirrors and tablewares.

The Schoos Hospitality Line

This line of products contains furniture and accessories originally created for one of our commercial projects like hotels and restaurants.  So, if you’ve always wanted to own a chair like the one you saw in Morimoto Napa or The Huntley Hotel, for instance, you can find it in the Schoos Hospitality Line!

The Schoos Select Line

Our passion for diverse cultures and works of art has also led Schoos Design to become an avid collector and connoisseur of art objects from around the world.  In an effort to make this resource available commercially, The Schoos Select Line was formed to discover and market distinctive objects and artwork by artists from many cultures and styles.  For example, the collection currently includes a large variety of sculptures by artists from Africa and Asia. This is also where you will find artwork by Schoos sponsored artists like Penn Densham or Constantino de Angelis.

The Schoos Synergy Line

This line of products represents collaborations between Thomas Schoos and other artists in creating unique, original products.  For instance, many items currently in the Schoos Night store are part of the Jewel Line, which is a collaboration between Thomas and famed jewelry designer Melinda Maria. The line includes furniture and art pieces inspired by Melinda’s original jewelry which have been transformed into everything from tables to mirrors.  So if you have ever wanted your bracelet to match your mirror or your ring to match your end table, you’re in luck!

Please visit our online store to discover more about these exciting projects and joint ventures.

African Mask from the Schoos Select Line