Schoos Stores

Besides creating beautiful spaces and objects, the Schoos Group also sells products directly to the public through Schoos Stores.  These include our online shop, the Schoos Night retail store in West Hollywood, and Schoos gift shops, which are associated with our own restaurants and in other venues.

Our flagship retail store and showroom, Schoos Night, is adjacent to the Schoos Night studio in West Hollywood (click here for location and contact info).  Open to the public as of March 2013, the store features both original items by Thomas Schoos and work by other artists and artisans.   

Custom-designed products include furniture and accessories designed originally for one of our Schoos commercial or residential projects, original pieces created expressly for sale to the public, and collaborations between Thomas Schoos and other artists.  Schoos Night also features artwork by artists sponsored by Schoos, as well as rare objects collected by Thomas in his many years of world travel.  The store is accessible to the lavish gardens behind Schoos Design where patio and garden items as well as sculpture can be purchased. (For a complete description of Schoos product lines, see Products.)


Salon Evenings

In addition, Schoos Night also provides a wonderful setting for Schoos Group to host a series of “salon evenings” at different times of the year, which are theme parties featuring particular aspects of the Schoos collection, works by sponsored artists, or benefits for worthy causes.  Make sure and sign up for our Newsletter to keep informed about these fun events!

Schoos Gift Shops

We also sell our art and products through gift shops, such as the ones associated with Morimoto Napa and Morimoto Waikiki restaurants, projects that were designed by our design firm.  At Morimoto Napa, the gift shop is an intimate part of the restaurant, so much so that it is actually possible to dine within the retail environment. 

Another gift shop will be associated with the a coffee shop opening soon in West Hollywood.  Continued expansion of this division is planned in connection with associated restaurants and hotels.

Schoos Night storefront in West Hollywood, CA