Branding and Consulting Services

Whether yours is a new business venture or an established brand in need of a refresh, Schoos Design’s branding department offers business consultation and branding services that can position your brand for maximum impact in the marketplace. 

Our process includes a detailed analysis of your current business plan and marketing goals, followed by a thorough list of recommendations. Once an approach has been agreed upon, we proceed with the creation of comprehensive branding and marketing materials that will drive the business forward and increase sales. This includes the design and development of all printed and digital materials such as logos, marketing collateral, websites, apps, and social media strategy.

The beauty of using a single design firm for both the physical design of your building and your corporate image as well is that this approach maintains a consistent "look and feel" for your brand across all platforms and in all media. A consistent message is a strong message.

The Process

A typical Schoos business consultation and branding design contract will include:

Consultation & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Business Audit – Prior to developing a branding strategy or creating brand collateral, Schoos Design will consult with your team to develop a deep understanding of your organization and business model. Consultation may include discussions with your leadership, review of the existing business plan, and analysis of your company’s business goals and current strategies.
  • Brand Research & Positioning ­– Schoos will then research current market conditions, define customer segmentation, analyze customer behavior, interview target groups and research competitors’ brands to acquire data and information to be used in strategy development. Schoos will review the results of the Brand Business Audit, Research and Positioning with your company’s team for further feedback and recommendations. Schoos will then summarize these findings in a Brand Strategy statement which will include recommendations for positioning the brand in the marketplace.
Brand Definition

Based upon all the collected data, Schoos will create a new Mission Statement for your company, allowing it to refocus on its core values and purpose. Schoos will also write a Unique Selling Proposition in order to clarify the brand’s positioning in the marketplace and optimize the business strategy. 

Brand Naming

If it is decided that a new name is advisable (or if your company has not yet branded itself), Schoos will proceed with the name development process, including research, exploration and focus group testing, before presenting our recommendations for the new name.

Logo Development

Schoos will create a new logo for the company that fits the Corporate Identity and captures the visual essence of the brand.  This process will include testing of alternatives and refinements as needed.

Visual Identity

In addition to the logo, Schoos can develop a Style Guide presenting standards for the brand to follow. This guide might include:

  • Corporate colors to be used in all collateral
  • Fonts and other typographic elements
  • Possible supplementary graphics
  • Guidance for selecting photographic elements to be used in branding
  • Guidance for environmental art to be used in Trade Shows or other events
Brand Voice

As part of the Style Guide, Schoos will provide guidance on the tone and content of verbal and written communications, such as sales pitches, “elevator speeches”, promotional text, phone response and sales calls. 

Visual Collateral
Samples of branded items created for Morimoto Waikiki
Samples of Morimoto collateral

Based on all the above, Schoos can then design whatever branded collateral is needed by your company. These items might include:

  • Letterhead and Business card designs
  • Presentation folders and other marketing materials
  • Brochures and coffeetable-type books
  • Templates to be used for:
    • Newsletters
    • Faxes
    • Proposals
    • Other possible items
  • Menus and other hospitality-related collateral
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Gift Cards/Certificates
  • Uniforms
  • Print advertising concepts
  • Other marketing collateral that fits your market sector and company’s needs  
Online Strategy

Schoos will develop a strategy for your company’s digital presence in the marketplace that aligns with the Branding Strategy, Business Strategy and all your organizational objectives. This will include website design, social media strategy, and other online marketing strategies such as direct mail campaigns. 

Website Design
Beach Nation website
Beach Nation website

Based on the Brand Strategy, Schoos will present recommendations for the design or re-design of your website. Typically, this will include:

  • An overall design template that fits the Brand Visual Identity and marketing strategy, to include the home page (or landing page) plus one typical interior page. The design will adapt to desktop computers and all common mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
  • A new User Interface Design that targets select customer segments and efficiently directs traffic to appropriate content.
  • Content Strategy – recommendations for the organization and presentation of content, including text, photos and video
  • Schoos Design can also offer consultation about the acquisition of photography and videography, if desired
Website Development

Schoos can offer full development of your website for the Internet. This process might include:

  • Oversight and management of the development process
  • Consultation regarding choices of platforms, CMS systems (if relevant), other technical requirements
  • Programming of the site and installation on the Internet
  • Copywriting services as needed
  • Acquisition of all imagery including photography, graphics and video
Social Media Strategy

Schoos will consult with your company’s leadership and marketing personnel to select which media channels to pursue and establish an ongoing strategy for a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Benefits of Comprehensive Design

Branded floor tiles in Bottega Americano

As an example of how using the same design firm for both branding and interior design can bolster a company's image and create an effective brand, Bottega Americano serves as an excellent case study. Schoos' services included not only naming the restaurant and designing their logo and marketing materials, but also working the branding into the physical design of the restaurant itself. For instance, as part of the brand identity, Schoos designed a number of "signature graphics" that support the brand and that are used in such physical elements as floor tiles (see photo, right), signage and packaged goods. These graphics are also essential to the restaurant's menus, website and advertising. (See website). 
When one encounters any part of the Bottega Americano brand, a consistent, convincing and tasteful impression emerges.

As the San Diego Union Tribune said,

          “The classy Bottega Americano logo is everywhere, from the
          floor tiles to the servers’ aprons, 
yet it never feels excessive.
          That’s what classic styling will do.”

The Schoos branding strategy led Zagat to call Bottega Americano “one of the 10 most anticipated restaurant openings of the year.” This is the kind of interest and excitement that can be created with a comprehensive branding strategy that engages customers on all levels.