Retail Store inside Morimoto Napa restaurant

Morimoto Napa Gift Shop

Just inside the front entrance of Iron Chef Morimoto's eponymous restaurant in Napa, California is an inviting area that combines two functions.  First, this is the location for the gift shop, featuring items designed by Schoos. These items include tableware, candles, gift items, original Asian artifacts and items evocative of the Napa winemaking region. 

But in addition to being a shop, the area is also a dining area, with attractive tables and chairs and action swirling about.  This type of mingling of areas is key to many Schoos projects, where traditional boundaries are broken and people are encouraged to mix. 

The contact information for Morimoto Napa is:

610 Main Street
Napa, California  94559  
Phone: (707) 252-1600 
Fax: (707) 252-1601