Gabardine Restaurant, Point Loma, CA

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Gabardine Restaurant

Thomas' inspiration for this small seafood bar and restaurant was the oyster bars he experienced in Savannah, Georgia, with their rustic textures and practical amenities. To make Gabardine a haven for serious seafood enthusiasts, Thomas included features like raw wood, concrete floors, tall, zinc-topped tables and an oyster shucking bar. The design is bright and fresh, avoiding most cliches associated with seafood restaurants except for a few innovative interpretations such as lobster crates under the benches and a large whimsical painting by Thomas of lobsters, butter and a looming pot.  Finally, since this is another Fabric restaurant for chef Brian Malarkey, it was important to include the trademark chandeliers featuring hanging ropes with Edison bulbs.  In this case, however, the bulbs hang from dozens of vintage fishing poles, like a glowing catch of the day.